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Workshops and Lecture demonstrations offered


Hi Carnatic music lovers!

I wish to congratulate everyone of you for your interest in Carnatic music, for it requires a certain quantum of aesthetic sense to enjoy Carnatic music, a certain depth in personality to appreciate it. As artistes, every one of us struggles to reach the next rung in ladder. One should always strive for betterment. But what is important is one should realize that more than being  a good musician it is more important to explore the philosophic and spiritual components associated with carnatic music. The world has seen great musicians and composers. what the world today lacks is the deep examination of philosophic and spiritual components of Carnatic music and the compositions of the Trinity.

My workshops include the following topics

  • Philosophy of Compositions of Trinity 
  • Applying carnatic music for personal happiness and peace of mind
  • Importance of gayaki style in Veena playing
  • Developing psychological independence among individuals lacking emotional support
  • Analyzing human emotions in the light of compositions of Tyagaraja