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Short term courses

For all those music lovers who do not have time to learn carnatic music in a systematic manner due to job pressures and lack of time, here is an opportunity to learn simple compositions for one's satisfaction and peace of mind. 

Course details

Bahdrachala Ramadasa's compositions                                                                 

A total of 10 compositions of Bahdrachala Ramadasa shall be taught in three sessions. each sessions will last for 2 hours.

Price of the course- Rs 15000 Rs.10000

Annmacharya Kirtans

A total of 15 Annamacharya kirtans shall be taught in three sessions, each sessions last for 2 hours.

Course price- Rs. 15000 Rs 10000

For those who have learnt carnatic music for some time and are familiar with varnams and krities, here are a feww sessions dedictaed exclusively for 'Pancharatna" Krities of Sadguru Tayagaraja.

Course details.

Tyagaraja Pancharatna Krities                                                                                              

Course shall comprise of 25 sessions each lasting for 2 hours. All five compositions shall be taught systematically. Script will be shared. The candidates will be allowed to record the sessions. 

Price- Rs.40000 Rs. 30000